Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Prophet Bootstrapper

Years from now us Austin Entrepreneurs are going to tell our friends we personally know one of the stellar entrepreneurial philosophers of our generation. That we were part of his community and got to meet with him on a regular basis in small intimate groups as well as 1-on-1's. That we got to listen to this journeyman change agent expand on an endless array of topics & ideas while enjoying a libation at a local watering hole. What is really impressive about this is that there will literally be thousands of people that were part of these gatherings with him over the years because Bijoy Goswami took the time to share his journey with us spreading the wisdom and knowledge he has been soaking up over the years. As a producer/director of entrepreneurial content, I am fortunate to film hundreds of entrepreneurs for TV shows and videos for featuring business owners and start-up mavericks and I can share with you that Bijoy uniquely stands out in his intriguing message, diversified upbringing and journey of discovery that he is sharing with us as it happens.

This week we featured this wandering Bootstrapping Prophet & founder of the Bootstrap Network on our show On the Road with iV because we wanted to share Bijoy's story, wisdom and learnings with others outside of the 512. It was definitely quite the experience to film and hope you watch the 4 segments we captured featuring Ingrid Vanderveldt (host of the show) and Bijoy discuss everything from start-ups to Stanford to song writing to mystic cab rides to tapping into the universe. He touches on his book and the MRE theory and how the Valley of Death is a wonderful place that is really good for the soul. Bijoy then goes on to say that we can all get a deep perspective of the universe by using your own bootstraps and how his bi-polar upbringing has taught him the value of living in the present and some of the keys that to being successful in life.

My co-producer on the show, Chance Carpenter, had this to say about Bijoy:
- I was struck by the passion and spirit that Bijoy brings to the conversation about bootstrapping. One of the most consistent messages we have heard from the many entrepreneurs that iV has interviewed is that passion is a key ingredient for success in any entrepreneurial endeavor and especially when bootstrapping. While this might seem profoundly obvious, Bijoy really brings it home both how challenging it can be to stay in your joy and passion when the hurricane of a million tedious chores bares down on you AND how imperative and possible it is to continually claim and reclaim that passion when you invoke spirit into the mix.

iV had this to say:
- Not only am I proud to have Bijoy as a friend, I am inspired by him as a colleague. Part of what is so profound about Bijoy is that before Bootstrap, he had put himself in a position to do anything in life he dreamed. He was a fast moving, highly accomplished tech entrepreneur who could have chosen a number of paths to follow. In listening - but more importantly following his calling - Bijoy created Bootstrap which has brought so much value to others. In my travels across the country, I find that when people talk about Austin, TX, it is widely known that this is the home of Bootstrap Network and Bijoy. I admire the great work he does for the community and entrepreneurs alike as well as his continous desire to learn more and better himself.
Here are links to the Segments airing the CLUB E currently:

#1 - A Bootstrapping Journey Fueled by a Song & a Gingerman
#2 - Escaping the Valley of Death by Your Bootstraps
#3 - Living in the Question & Organizing the Community
#4 - A Lesson from Great Entrepreneurs - Be in the Present

There is much to be learned from and entertained by this purveyor of community gatherings and we look forward to soaking up more of Bijoy's Bootstrapping wisdom in the years to come.

Lyn Graft
Founder, CLUB E Network & LG Pictures

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