Monday, January 31, 2011

IEEE + UT Upcoming Events

IEEE and UT have some great events coming up, many associated with Engineering Week and with the IEEE USA Annual Meeting.

Here is a quick list:

17-18 February Engineering Leadership Institute: Leading Innovation

22 February, 11-1 Energy Efficient System Design. It’s more than a power budget…

23 February, 6-8 What is Your Role in Innovation?

3 March 11-1 Lessons in Life and Leadership, as Inspired by True Stories of Space Exploration. Jim Kennedy, former Director of NASA Kennedy Space Center, provides the most inspiring lecture on leadership

3-6 March, IEEE USA Annual Meeting: Engineering in Motion.

4 March, IEEE Electric Vehicle and Personal Transportation Workshop.

More information and registration links are here .

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hulsey Law 2011 IP Series

Hulsey Law is doing a series of lunch talks in 2011 on current IP Law cases. The next one is on Friday, Jan 28th. on Stanford University v. Roche Molecular Systems.

The talks are free and an RSVP is appreciated so they can order lunch!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Texas CEO Highlights Austin Bootstrappers

The cover story and main feature of the Jan|Feb issue of Texas CEO highlights 5 successful bootstrappers from across the state. Each story offers a different perspective on bootstrapping and zeros in on that critical point in which the CEOs realized they had a viable business.

The Serial Bootstrapper-- Clayton Christopher, CEO, Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka, Austin

The Family Bootstrapper-- Mike Novak, CEO, The Novak Group, San Antonio

The Gen Y Bootstrapper-- Shama Kabani, CEO, The Zen Marketing Group, Dallas

The Innovator Bootstrapper-- Dan Graham, CEO,, Austin

The Next Stage Bootstrapper-- Dr. Willis Pumphrey, CEO & Founder, Clear Correct, Houston