Thursday, April 28, 2011

Citywide Internship Fair for Students, Start-ups and Small Businesses

Want an intern this summer? Its not too late and campus2careers can help!

campus2careers has partnered with the Mayor's office, all local chambers, all schools, and more to launch InternInAustin (, the nation's first citywide internship program. InternInAustin provides start-ups and small businesses with the content, tools, and templates to create an effective internship program, like a Fortune 500. In addition, the program includes training sessions by the SBDP and a citywide internship fair on May 15th at the AT&T Conference Center. This fair is planned and priced for small businesses including:
1. $25 admittance fee will give you access to an estimated 600 students from 8 area colleges looking to intern with a small business this summer
2. The fair is on the weekend so you don't have to take time during your busy workday
3. Speed networking/interviewing (instead of booth discussions) with students (and even other companies), organized by industry
4. A brief training on how to use your intern to manage your social media and other tips to get the most out of the experience

If you are interested in attending the fair, you can sign up at If you are looking for best practice content on how to build an internship, click And if you are looking for interns before or after the May 15th event or entry-level new hires anytime, check out to get matched with top talent from over 4k students and recent grads. We hope to see you on May 15th.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Work Space Matters: Tips to Help You Plan Your (Next) Space

Space matters. It can inspire people to do great things - To engage one-another, to think more deeply, to innovate and make a difference. That's what inspires us at Turnstone.

Turnstone is a brand of Steelcase Inc, which is the largest global furniture manufacturer and space provider. Turnstone’s focus is on small companies, and we support small businesses by providing knowledge, services, and products when it comes to their workspace.

There have been many changes in the office world - especially over the last 20 years. Technology, globalization, 24/7 competition and immediate communication capabilities. All of these elements have affected the demands required of today's office space. Our research has enabled Turnstone to help small businesses when it comes to thinking about their office space needs. We’d like to share some of our research with you around "why space matters".

  • What prevents you from being productive at work?
  • How does technology help and hinder productivity?
  • How do mobile workers stay connected and productive?

On May 4, we have scheduled an event at Link Coworking to provide a panel discussion to dive deeper into our research for small business owners. In addition, we have included two other local companies to share their knowledge and expertise as it related to space: HPI Corporate Services and S. Tipton Studio. These companies will be discussing the details to take into consideration as you research the space for your office, challenges you may face, and to help you simplify the process.

  • What type of office space is best for your company?
  • How can a designer help a small company?
  • How much square footage is really necessary?
  • How do you effectively convey your image?
  • What about future company growth?

Join us at 6:30 p.m. for an open discussion to help your business spend your dollars wisely as you plan for your next office space.

Monday, April 11, 2011

BB2B: 150 Monkeys in Cyberspace

Where: Business Success Center, 7600 Burnet Rd., Austin
When: 7pm, April 25, 2011
More info:

Regardless of your industry, product or service, sales and marketing is all about people and relationships. In this presentation, Chad Peevy applies research theorem to sales and marketing with an emphasis on the science of building relationships.

Based on current scientific research we know that . . .
• We spend 60% of our conversations talking about gossip and personal experiences.
• Time and brain power limit the number of relationships we can maintain at one time.
• Narrative psychology suggests that stories are the most effective and natural human way to communicate.

This presentation answers the questions . . .
• How can I reach and maintain ‘top of mind’ status amongst my clients?
• How do I recognize important relationships and maintain them?
• How do I most effectively communicate my sales messag?
• How can technology / social media keep me relevant?
• How has Oprah used television to build relationships?

Chad Peevy wants to help you have a better business. As a small business advisor, Peevy has worked with hundreds of small businesses in the US and Mexico who all shared a common objective - to get more business. It may be the word ‘practical’ that sums up Peevy’s approach to help his clients realize their goal. As a champion of smart marketing investments and careful evaluation, Peevy understands the essential need for businesses to consider metrics over hype when making marketing decisions. He has worked with established and new businesses to help them realize their goals through strategic marketing solutions. His portfolio of clientele is eclectic, ranging from mortgage brokers to musicians.

Monday, April 04, 2011

ATX Style Presents - Local Fashion Showcase

Join your friends from a few of Austin's emerging (and completely bootstrapped) clothing brands @ Molotov Lounge! Grab a drink, hang out, and enjoy exclusive discounts on our watches, polos, tshirts, dress shirts, and boots.

Your first drink is on us!

TIKKR Watches - watches with personality
Criquet Shirts - organic polos that feel like heaven
StripedShirt - striped t-shirts for every sports fan
5th & Lamar - super slim fit mens dress shirts
Helm Boots - ridiculously good looking boots

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Mobile Monday Austin, April 4

A reminder that the next MondayMonday Austin event is on April 04, 2011 at Buffalo Billiards.

Please arrive by 5:30 PM as we will begin 6:00pm - 8:00 PM.

This is the first of a five-city tour sponsored by Cisco and MobileMonday Americas. The Enterprise App Demo Night events begin in Austin, TX on April 4th, followed by San Francisco, CA & Boston, MA on April 11th, Seattle, WA on April 18th and New York City, NY on April 25th.

Cisco and partners, including local companies Ringful Health, Appconomy, Phunware, Proximity Matters, and others will be demonstrating their new cool mobile apps.

If you have a mobile enterprise app that you would like to demo, please email the organizer.

==> The event is FREE. Food/drinks will be served.

Raffle! We are giving away a free pass (valued at $1,000+) to the Breaking Development mobile design & development conference in Dallas on April 11-12; great lineup of speakers. This is a superb conference for those involved in mobile web app development!

Please Register here.