Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Catchup with Bootstrap 3.0 - April 2015

Happy April!

It’s been a great first quarter for Bootstrap 3.0. The JOurneY Experience course has convened 31 new JOurneYers across 3 different coworking spaces, and we’re excited to continue in April at Vuka Austin.

We have 3 updates this month:

  • SXSW Declaration of Meaning
  • Monthly Get-together: JOurneYer Dusking
  • JOurneY Experience Continues on April 20 

SXSW: Declaration of Meaning.

Photographer: Mike Holp at Holp Photography

Bijoy and Danny Gutknecht co-presented the the rise of the House of Meaning at SXSW. At the end of the talk we announced the Declaration of Meaning coauthored by Bijoy and Josh Rubin. The Declaration chronicles the 400 year shift from fixed houses of authority to melodies of process in the areas of Phenomenon, Rights and Resources. Like previous declarations - Independence, Sentiments - the Declaration of Meaning is a call to action; in this case for anyone inspired to steward meaning in their lives and the world. Here’s an article in Community Impact on the SXSW Talk.

Monthly Get-together: Dusking for JOurneYers.

Our monthly get-together this month is for those who have participated in the JOurneY Experience course. We’re going for a leisurely stroll around the lake at dusk and will further develop the wider conversation around the JOurneY community. We'll also chat about forming JOurneY Boards - a way for JOurneYers to connect regularly, hold space for each other, and reflect together. Communitywide get-togethers will resume next month. We’ll keep you posted on Facebook.

The JOurneY Experience Continues on April 20 at Vuka Austin.

This week we had 10 community members complete the third JOurneY Experience of 2015. We’re now getting ready for the next group to go on the ride. Use the appropriate coupon code to donate between $0 and the retail price.
Course Overview

The JOurneY Experience is a space for you to steward your unique meaning and help others do the same. You will learn the JOurneY Model, apply it to your journey, and come to class to share and reflect with each other.

The duration is three weeks. Each week has an online component and an in-person session. The online work starts on Mar 20, will take approximately 3-6 hours per week and is a prerequisite for the in-person session. The course is cumulative in nature.

The in-person sessions occur from 6-9pm on April 20 & 27, and May 4th at Vuka Austin.
The JOurneY Experience is better with a buddy. We suggest you invite a friend to come along with you. If you don’t bring one, we will pair you up and you will make a new friend!

Thank you,

Steve Golab

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