Wednesday, November 01, 2017

CMBATX Bootstrap Edition

Creatives Meet Business is an event and podcast series that helps artists and creatives see themselves as "business owners." Who do we mean when we say "creative"? For us, creative is a broad term - you could create apps, concepts, films, compositions, words, websites, songs, dance numbers, or pies (among other things, naturally we didn't include everything here, but you get the idea).
We help you learn tough to tackle concepts through an intimate set-up of roundtable discussions with Austin's top professionals in the fields supporting the creative industry. Join us Tuesday, November 14th for the Bootstrap Edition, hosted by Bootstrap Austin and engage with a diverse group of pros on all things bootstrap.
If creating a business plan has never felt like the right step forward, you're in luck! Bootstrapping is all about developing a "business model" that's unique to what you do. Each speaker will be walking you through the different stages of a bootstrapped business model. Get ready for some of the most important info you'll ever hear from some very experienced bootstrappers.
Featuring roundtable discussions with:
Chat with each pro for 20 minutes before they rotate to the next table - speed dating style - all while getting acquainted with your tablemates that span the entire spectrum of the creative industries in Austin. Don't know what we mean by "speed dating style?" No problem! You stay planted, so pick a table of strangers (aka - friends you haven't met yet) and settle in for the ride. Every 20 minutes, one of the amazing folks listed above will drop some knowledge at your table (and please feel free to ask questions, engage and ENJOY). Each one of them will be hosting a UNIQUE discussion, so no two speakers (or conversations) are alike.
Drinks and snacks are provided.
To get the conversation started now, check out our Website and follow us on Facebook or Twitter.
We can't wait to see you!
-Creatives Meet Business
*Note: Conversations at the table will be recorded for future use in the Creatives Meet Business podcast.