Monday, March 09, 2015

Catch Up With Bootstrap 3.0 - Mar 2015

Happy March!

We have 3 updates for you this month.
  • Feb 9 Get-together Recap
  • Bootstrap at SXSW
  • JOurneY Experience Continues
Feb 9 Get-together Recap
During our Feb 9 get-together, we convened a conversation around: you + ATX = ?! Our mystery guest Ken Webster discussed his journey and the role Hyde Park Theatre and Frontera Fest play as stewards of Austin’s theater scene. Frontera Fest, started 20 years ago, was one of Austin’s original incubators for local performing artists. Many other important influential ideas have been and continue to be formed as a result of Frontera Fest. Bijoy participated years ago co-creating the play, “Guru or Disciple? YES!” He later expressed it as Mystic Cab, a short film, which is now part of the JOurneY Experience.
Bootstrap at SXSW
In-lieu of our monthly get-together, Bootstrap will be at SXSW. If you have a badge, please join us at the Hilton Austin for our talk on “JOurneY: A Method for Meaning Creation” on Sat Mar 14 from 3:30 - 4:30 pm. Bijoy and co-presenter Danny Gutknecht will present the Human Fugue Model.  The talk will explore the shift from authority to process which empowers everyone to steward unique meaning for themselves, their ventures, cities and beyond. Everyone will be invited to sign the Declaration of Meaning.
The JOurneY Experience Continues on Mar 23 at Vuka Austin
Last week we had 9 community members complete the second JOurneY Experience of 2015. We’re now getting ready for the next group to go on the ride. You are invited to contribute what you can. Use the appropriate coupon code to donate between $0 and the retail price. 

Course Overview
The JOurneY Experience is a space for you to steward your unique meaning and help others do the same. You will learn the JOurneY Model, apply it to your journey, and come to class to share and reflect with each other.  

The duration is three weeks. Each week has an online component and an in-person session. The online work starts on Mar 20, will take approximately 3-6 hours per week and is a prerequisite for the in-person session.
The course is cumulative in nature.
The in-person sessions occur from 6-9 pm on Monday Mar 23 & 30 and Apr 6 at Vuka Austin.

The JOurneY Experience is better with a buddy. We suggest you invite a friend to come along with you. If you don’t bring one, we will pair you up and you will make a new friend!  
I’ll be at the SXSW talk and welcome any questions you may have, so please come find me or contact me by phone or email.

Steve Golab
mobile 512.657.1086

Saturday, March 07, 2015

What is Journey Entrepreneurship?


This video clip from my March 2014 Capture Your Flag interview asks the question: what is Journey Entrepreneurship?

The term “Journey Entrepreneurship” captures the deeper essence of bootstrap entrepreneurship with the unique missing ingredient: meaning stewardship. This is the “Inner Journey” line added to the Bootstrap Map after we read Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” at the Bootstrap Book Club. Without stewardship of its meaning, a venture exists purely as an economic entity. Stewarding meaning is a distinct process separate from other activities we commonly focus on such as building a product or selling to a customer. Journey entrepreneurs learn how to master this capability for themselves and their ventures. 

In Steve Jobs we find a skilled steward, both of his personal meaning and that of Apple’s. He articulated his personal meaning beautifully during his 2005 Stanford graduation speech. His stewardship of Apple’s meaning evolved at key moments: in 1984 with his announcement of the Macintosh; in 1997 with his return and the “think different” campaign; and near his death, expressing Apple as the intersection of Liberal Arts + Technology at the iPad launch.

The JOurneY Model describes how meaning can be continuously stewarded for all beings: people, organizations, cities. The Essence Mining Model by Danny Gutknecht is a process for meaning articulation. We will declare the shift from authority to process at our SXSW 2015 talk along with the Declaration of Meaning which you are invited to sign!

We will continue the JOurneY Experience after SX, starting March 23. Join us!

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Catch Up with Bootstrap 3.0 - Feb 2015

Happy February!

We announced Bootstrap Austin 3.0 at the Jan 12th get-together with the theme of stewarding meaning for individuals, organizations and cities. During our monthly get-togethers in 2015, we will convene a conversation around: you + ATX = ?! Each month we are also facilitating the 3-week JOurneY Experience for individuals who want to investigate the JOurneY Model of meaning stewardship.  Here’s more info on the Feb get-together and course:

Get-together on Feb 9
The Ginger Man @ 6:30 - RSVP on Facebook
This series should serve as an Austin user manual for new residents as well as for locals who are inspired to express their unique journey in the world. All are welcome.

you + ATXing happens when an Austinite combines their unique journey with Austin and creates something for all to enjoy. Our surprise guest will share their story.
  • 6:30-7pm: gather and connect. Ask each other: how do you plus ATX? Our surprise guest will be among us, so you just might discover who it is.
  • 7-7:30pm: we reveal our surprise guest and hear about how they stewarded their ATX experience.
  • 7:30 onward: connect some more.
The Ginger Man has let us reserve the back patio and a speaker system for this one, so there will be room for everyone and it will be easier to hear the interview.

Note: Bootstrap Austin meetings happen every 2nd Monday of each month. Mark your calendars!

The JOurneY Experience Continues on Feb 11
This week we had 12 community members complete the first JOurneY Experience of 2015.  We’re now getting ready for the next group to get on board. 

Course Overview
The JOurneY Experience is a space for you to steward your unique meaning and help others do the same. You will learn the JOurneY Model, apply it to your journey, and come to class to share and reflect with each other.  

The duration is three weeks. Each week has an online component and an in-person session. The online work starts on Feb 11 and will take approximately 3-6 hours per week.  You will get the most out of each week by completing the online work prior to the in-person session. The course is cumulative in nature.

The in-person sessions occur from 6-9pm on Feb 16, 23, and Mar 2.

You are invited to go on the experience with us for $250, and you have the option to bring a buddy for free. Once you sign-up, you will be emailed a code for your buddy to join the course.

We encourage you to share this article with anyone in Austin who you think would be interested.  We are accepting enrollments now, so please sign-up or ping me if you’re interested. Also, I’ll be camped out at the Feb 9 get-together and welcome any questions you may have, so please come find me.  We’re expecting JOurneYers from the January course at the get-together who you can speak with to learn more from, too.  

Bootstrap Adopts a Chimp
We’re excited to share the good news. If you opted-in at the last get together, we have loaded your contact information into the Mailchimp platform and you now have the ability to manage your own email preferences. We’ll continue to keep you updated as long as you stay with us. You can also friend Bootstrap Austin or follow @bootstrapaustin and subscribe to the newsletter. 

At your service,
Steve Golab

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Bootstrap 3.0

Happy 2015!

The Bootstrap Austin community started its journey on Bastille Day 2003, when I gathered 25 Austinites at the original Ginger Man for beers and conversation.

During our first iteration from 2003-2010, we asked the question, "What is bootstrap entrepreneurship?" and co-created a learning community of entrepreneurs helping each other bootstrap their ventures. We learned from Austin's successful bootstrap entrepreneurs as they shared their stories at our monthly gatherings. Through this and the experiences of thousands of bootstrappers, the Bootstrap Map emerged outlining the stages, actions and principles of the bootstrap journey. And we experimented with different support structures for the founder's journey including subgroups by stage and industry, a book club and Boot Boards.

In our second iteration, we transitioned from supporting individual bootstrappers to stewarding the emerging ATX Entrepreneur Scene. Inspired by the Austin Equation, we convened its leaders, mapped the scene and evangelized it. It's been gratifying to see it blossom over the last 4 years and become one of Austin's key scenes alongside music, film, theater, art, and others.

It's now time for Bootstrap 3.0. We are stepping further into our journey by asking the question “How do we steward meaning for ourselves, others, our communities and organizations?” Stewarding one's meaning and expressing it in the world is a task Austinites are uniquely suited to, living as we do in the "be yourself" city. Our community has a role to play in holding space for this conversation.

Please join us to kick off Bootstrap 3.0 at our first monthly meetup of 2015. Around 7:15pm I will give a short talk on the Human Fugue with special emphasis on the fourth house: meaning. You can learn more at bejoying. I will also introduce Steve Golab in his role as community steward.

Please take a moment to let us know if you plan to join and feel free to invite anyone you think would be interested. I hope to see you there!


Sunday, November 09, 2014


Allow me to share a few lessons I learned while participating in a fast-pitch challenge at the Resilience Innovations Summit in Honolulu this past September.

 “Access to $40 Billion in World Bank Innovation Funding”.  Seriously?!  Beware of conferences that market access to funding and/or exposure to motivated investors – the returns may not be as advertised...

Ok, I admit I wanted to be swept up by the lure of participating in a competition at a conference in Hawaii to pitch to the World Bank with over $40B to throw at new innovations.

That’s why I half-consciously ignored advice not to go (because such events are more beneficial to idea pilferers than for obtaining grants) and why I chose to make only a half-assed attempt to validate the “$40B” claim (yes, World Bank did have this amount budgeted for 2014 grants but attempts to confirm their attendance fell on “deaf ears”).

So yes, I am as guilty as the next human in making “buy” decisions with emotion and not logic… That’s how humans roll. Period.

That said, I believe true bootstrappers and entrepreneurs are able to turn good and bad decisions into tangible value such as the lessons learned below.

My company is focused on developing (and most recently attempting to license) innovations with potential for extraordinary impact on people and the planet.  Leading up to the Hawaiian fast-pitch challenge, we were working on two related innovations (both at the proof-of-concept stage}:
  1. pECO BamBooster - A toolkit that  poverty-stricken individuals or families can use to transform natural bamboo of any length and diameter into standardized building components, and in turn, into  green products such as…
  2. pECO Pollinator - A craft-kit for constructing habitats (eg, a butterfly “motel”) that attract and rejuvenate pollinators and sustain a healthy ecosystem.

·         Attend “Investor Conferences” With Eyes Open – As mentioned, this Summit was billed as one that would be chock full of investors seeking to fund new innovations. In fact, once there, I prospected the Summit and full attendee database and turned up zero, nobody, nada that even resembled an investor! Lesson: Don’t expect investors to be present unless you get specific names in writing from conference organizers…
·         Leverage Conference Attendee Database – If the conference offers access to the list of attendees, use it to get a read on who is attending and to set up meetings pre-, during- and post-conference.
·         Rallying Points Spur Support – having one or more rallying points made recruiting resources and financial support much easier. Once support begins to materialize, others are more willing to assist. For example,
a.       A good-cause  - Since our innovations reverse poverty and increase resilience of food supply we were able to garner support from empathetic people and businesses
b.      A competition with perceived prize - ie, fast-pitch challenge with potential for investment (particularly key to obtaining spousal support in my case ;-)
c.       A real & urgent need with a clear deadline – communicating that my fast pitch would not happen if support did not materialize by the 7/31 commitment deadline helped spur action
d.      A cool/edgy activity - trip to Hawaii which eventually paved the way for a Treehouse Masters TV spot contingent on funding
·         Dare to Be Different – Look for opportunities to stand out and be different. For example, Treehouse Masters TV celebrity, Pete Nelson, never would have offered to build us an R&D treehouse field lab out of bamboo in Hawaii if I didn’t approach him with the concept at the Austin Fall Home & Garden Show while wearing a farmers hat with butterflies on it and red, white & blue suspenders – OMG how embarrassing but effective!
·         Bootstrapping Takes A Village – Within a one month time window the following support contributed to our eventual success
a.       over 50 people (spanning family, friends, existing business network and new acquaintances),
b.      over 10 organizations and
c.       over 7 key networking events
d.      but, zero Craig’s List responses and zero inquiries/support via our website (albeit in its infancy)..
·         Pitch One Simple Concept – Effective articulation of a single innovative concept in 7 minutes is a challenge. I was attempting the impossible, namely, to communicate two relate concepts which caused significant pitch churn and diluted some of its impact in the end. That said, I may not have been selected as a finalist by focusing too narrowly in the proposal stage.
·         It’s About YOU, Not the Slides – My fast-pitch went through 11 significant adjustments that included several complete slide deck rewrites, a zero-slide pitch two days before pitch-time to the final 12-slide pitch that was eventually delivered (the last full day was spent in front of a mirror to ensure accurate, effective and well-timed delivery). That said, what I realized through all of this (thanks to excellent coaching by Barry Thornton) is that the fewer slides the better (eg, zero to one slide is best.) Bottom line is, you want the audience to buy into and remember YOU. If you end up using a slide make it a “sticky image or message” they can easily associate with you.
·         Does Practice Make Perfect? – The jury is still out on this one for me. Yes, I spent considerable time in front of the mirror perfecting my pitch which according to feedback I nailed and was well received. That said, it almost felt too rehearsed  (ie, not engaging). It wasn’t until the unrehearsed Q&A portion did I feel true audience mind-share.
·         No Free Rides – Via the aforementioned networking effort I was able to defray ~70% of the cost to participate (ie, ~$3500 of a total estimated $5000 cost). That said, spending $1500 was well worth the benefits not to mention name, product and cause recognition that flows from such networking.
·         Silver Lining in the False Lure of Investors - OK, so it would have been nice if my fast pitch actually contained an audience of investors as was billed by the Summit organizers. That said, I never would have engaged in this activity if not for that lure. It motivated me to submit a fast-pitch challenge proposal in the first place and when selected as a finalist, with hand on heart, helped sway my wife and others to support my efforts. Even though no grant funding materialized, the following did:
·         Message refinement and reusable fast-pitch materials
·         Reusable showcase booth set ups
·         Two solid business partners
·         Many new business collaborators
·         A Reality TV spot contingent on funding
·         A network of over 25 new connections & supporters (some of whom live in Hawaii)
·         New valuable mentorship resources
·         A provisional patent
·         Follow-on funding discussions with the Dean of Agriculture at the University of Hawaii,  Manoa, with the Oahu Island Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship and with other Hawaiian businesses
·         New business leverage based on the above

NOW, who wants to partner with us in an Hawaiian paradise, living and/or working in a bamboo treehouse field lab and get a little TV exposure to finalize products with the potential for extraordinary impact on people and the planet?! Only bootstrappers, entrepreneurs and investors need apply…:-)

Stay tuned for a follow-on post on our plans to secure the elusive licensing agreements and/or funding we need..

Tom Baum
Founder, TRACEe

Monday, March 18, 2013

Journey Capital

In this previous post, we identified Bootstrap Capital as: social + working = bootstrap. 'Social' always felt like a clumsy term that didn't quite encompass the entirety of the situation. Journey Capital does.

The modified equation is:

journey + working = bootstrap