Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The People Side of Engineering

Product development and design projects are among the most difficult projects to successfully manage. The knowledge workers on these teams are subjected to enormous stress and often the projects still miss their goals. Doug Russell will share his successful approach, used in three corporations, to lead knowledge worker teams to success while not burning the team out (thus allowing them to do “well work”). Doug peppers his talk with real-world stories and anecdotes and presents the information in an interactive and high energy way. Doug will present insights from his recent book, “Succeeding the in Project Management Jungle: How to Manage the People Side of Projects.”

Also, the Harvard Business Review published a timely article, “Why Men Still Get More Promotions than Women,” discussing the ideas of “mentorship” and “sponsorship.” Would your organization be interested in piloting a program that has been shown to be successful in helping more women advance their careers? Leslie Martinich and Donna Imam will announce plans for a new initiative for IEEE Women in Engineering.

Time: Thursday June 9, 6-8:30

Location: El Gallo, 2910 S. Congress.

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Monday, June 06, 2011

Work Space Matters: Tips for Small Businesses

Today's workspaces are changing. New technology, higher real estate costs, and work environment expectations are just a couple of the demands that change the way people work. As a result, start-up companies and small businesses face complex challenges as they attempt to move into their first space, update an existing space, or invest in a new space to create their brand.

Space Matters. It can inspire people to do great things: To engage one another; to think more deeply; to innovate and make a difference.

Turnstone, S. Tipton Studio, HPI Corporate Services, and Link Coworking have created a forum to provide you with insights into our research. This discussion will help you answer key questions on how your space can help you achieve your business goals, attract the brightest talent, and save money and time.

Visit our website at for more products and information on space, and be sure to connect to the EventBrite link to register for this opportunity to network and learn more.