Monday, April 11, 2011

BB2B: 150 Monkeys in Cyberspace

Where: Business Success Center, 7600 Burnet Rd., Austin
When: 7pm, April 25, 2011
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Regardless of your industry, product or service, sales and marketing is all about people and relationships. In this presentation, Chad Peevy applies research theorem to sales and marketing with an emphasis on the science of building relationships.

Based on current scientific research we know that . . .
• We spend 60% of our conversations talking about gossip and personal experiences.
• Time and brain power limit the number of relationships we can maintain at one time.
• Narrative psychology suggests that stories are the most effective and natural human way to communicate.

This presentation answers the questions . . .
• How can I reach and maintain ‘top of mind’ status amongst my clients?
• How do I recognize important relationships and maintain them?
• How do I most effectively communicate my sales messag?
• How can technology / social media keep me relevant?
• How has Oprah used television to build relationships?

Chad Peevy wants to help you have a better business. As a small business advisor, Peevy has worked with hundreds of small businesses in the US and Mexico who all shared a common objective - to get more business. It may be the word ‘practical’ that sums up Peevy’s approach to help his clients realize their goal. As a champion of smart marketing investments and careful evaluation, Peevy understands the essential need for businesses to consider metrics over hype when making marketing decisions. He has worked with established and new businesses to help them realize their goals through strategic marketing solutions. His portfolio of clientele is eclectic, ranging from mortgage brokers to musicians.

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