Thursday, April 21, 2011

Work Space Matters: Tips to Help You Plan Your (Next) Space

Space matters. It can inspire people to do great things - To engage one-another, to think more deeply, to innovate and make a difference. That's what inspires us at Turnstone.

Turnstone is a brand of Steelcase Inc, which is the largest global furniture manufacturer and space provider. Turnstone’s focus is on small companies, and we support small businesses by providing knowledge, services, and products when it comes to their workspace.

There have been many changes in the office world - especially over the last 20 years. Technology, globalization, 24/7 competition and immediate communication capabilities. All of these elements have affected the demands required of today's office space. Our research has enabled Turnstone to help small businesses when it comes to thinking about their office space needs. We’d like to share some of our research with you around "why space matters".

  • What prevents you from being productive at work?
  • How does technology help and hinder productivity?
  • How do mobile workers stay connected and productive?

On May 4, we have scheduled an event at Link Coworking to provide a panel discussion to dive deeper into our research for small business owners. In addition, we have included two other local companies to share their knowledge and expertise as it related to space: HPI Corporate Services and S. Tipton Studio. These companies will be discussing the details to take into consideration as you research the space for your office, challenges you may face, and to help you simplify the process.

  • What type of office space is best for your company?
  • How can a designer help a small company?
  • How much square footage is really necessary?
  • How do you effectively convey your image?
  • What about future company growth?

Join us at 6:30 p.m. for an open discussion to help your business spend your dollars wisely as you plan for your next office space.

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