Friday, January 02, 2009

The wheel is broken, for now


It's the end of the year and everything is supposed to change, reset, fire-up, get going . . . you know, improve. Doesn't that happen every year? Like the Nile flooding and rejuvenating Egypt, rebirth!

It is funny how easy it is to imagine time as big circle (couldn't be something about planetary rotation could it?). Well, I typically think of a year as a big loop with repeated energy patterns around it. The 'Holidays" is one such pattern or block of time that we have all traditionaly thought of a 'slow' for everything but retrial. It is symbolically the End. . . and Start, of another turn on the helix, a continuing next loop through time

There is always the calm before the storm, things are going to take off right after the New Year and there we go. It was part of the cycle of life.

Well, the wheel hit a bump this year. While the clock may be advancing the cycle isn't. It's stuck, in fact it may be slipping backwards a bit in some places.

Fortunately a Bailout is going to get it going again (drum roll and high-hat hit). But guess what? That cycle can slip too (it's part of the cycle now because it exists in our minds, more about that some later blog).

How can you plan ahead to be safe? Can you foretell the future?

Well, yes . . . and then of course, no. The probability of this calamity happening was very high, so it did happen and in that it was predictable. Could you predict when and how? Only if you believe in Issac Asimov stories. Our whole system is so artificial that it floats by itself, but just every so often, because it is possible to do, it does a bit of a reality check. Welcome to that moment, it happened in your life-time, probability became reality.

Right now History isn't working too well as a guild to the future so you are just going to have to fake it.

Please, oh Please, remember this. The best, I mean the very best of the guys are supposed to, and claim to be able to, tell what will be going on tomorrow didn't have a clue when it happened. Don't feel bad or guilty about being in the same boat they are. We, collectively as a culture, were wrapped in the warm cocoon of that special fabric, Disillusion and Denial(TM) , loving it.

Now my friend is the time to move fast, maximize you agility, take action, and be cool

As Lord Byron said, "Adversity is the first path to truth."

You can't get on the path unless you engage the world.

Barry Thornton

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