Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bootstrap Bootcamp on YouTube

In the Bootstrap Bootcamp I explain in further detail, the stages, actions and principles of bootstrap as outlined in the Bootstrap Map.

The map has been assembled over the last 5+ years of Bootstrap Austin. My first inklings of the stages came in conversations with Darius Mahdjoubi, who gave us the notion of the "Valley of Death." With this foundation, the map began to take on a life of its own. Hundreds of conversations with bootstrap members and speakers at Bootstrap informed its development. The Bootstrap Bookclub became a place to study the stories of master bootstrap entreprenuers like Richard Branson and Muhammad Yunus. Joseph Campbell's book, Hero of a Thousand Faces, showed the parallel of the hero's journey with the bootstrap journey: "Call to Adventure" = "youPlusU;" the "Road of Trials" = "Valley of Death;" etc. Thus an entirely new aspect revealed itself: the Inner Journey that goes along with the external journey of team, product, customer and organization.

I've appreciated the opportunity to continue to ask the question: what is bootstrap?
The map remains both a representation of my best current answer to that question and a reminder that it is an ever-moving and elusive target. For example, "you" and "youPlusU" used to be one stage: Preideation.

In this I am reminded of the Star Spangled Banner. Though not sung this way, it is simply a question: does the flag yet wave? We will continue to live in our question.

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