Sunday, July 12, 2009

"New" Bootstrap VoD Subgroup

There will be no Bootstrap Austin meeting on July 12.

Bootstrap Austin started with a pure focus on bootstrap entrepreneurs in the Valley of Death (VoD) stage. As our community grew, we expanded the scope to include other stages - Ideation, Growth - as well as various subgroups on topic areas - Art, Web, Community , Experience, Cause , Inner Journey, Style , etc. During this time the main 2nd Monday meeting took on a "general meeting" feel as we used it to stand-up these subgroups and launch initiatives such as Boot Boards, etc.

Now that we have this infrastructure in place, the main meeting can return to its core focus: Valley of Death. VoD is the heart of the bootstrap journey - where customers are found, teams are built, the product is evolved, and ultimately, where our business model is discovered. We come most directly into the principle, constraint creates innovation and learn how to use constraint to innovate i.e. Baron Munchausen exiting the swamp by pulling himself up by his bootstraps.

As with other subgroups, the VoD Subgroup will have new coleads. We are organizing this subgroup in July and will launch it on August 10 - keeping with the second Monday meeting time slot. If you are interested in helping out with it - by speaking, blogging, organizing meetings, etc. - we will let you know how you can do so and who to contact in the coming weeks. Our August VoD meeting will feature fellow bootstrap member Lou Ellman, founder of RoyaltyZone, Lou will share lessons learned during his two year journey making progress in the VoD.

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