Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Do well by doing good

Chris Greta from HeroBracelets.org came to speak about his experience of building a cause business to Bootstrap Cause Subgroup. We had about 10 people attend and had a great discussion afterwords. Chris's presentation gave a lot of great insight on what it takes to get your cause organization off the ground.

Chris lives here in Austin and runs The AdRanch. Five years ago Chris heard how little money families of soldiers killed in Iraq got and decided to step up and help them.
He approximately spent $1000 on putting a website together, creating a brand and decided to sell bracelets that people could buy to honor soldiers lost their lives to war. Part of that money went to the families.

Chris shared that he did a lot of media contacting in the beginning himself - he sent out many press releases to local and national newspapers and TV. Just a few weeks after the company got started, one of the TV stations picked up a story about them and from then on their business started to grow at a crazy pace. So far they were on CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX, Fox NEWS Channel etc, as well as all the major news papers.

Another thing that Chris believes helped them to get where they are today was having a blog. They have about 800 entrees so far and it helped them with their online presence.
HeroBracelets.org went from 0 orders five years ago to 80,000 orders. Their bracelets have been ordered from every continent on the planet and President Obama was spotted wearing one.

Chris is very passionate about his cause organization. He believes you can do well by doing good.

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