Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Let's Play! A Conference on Corporate Citizenship

March 31 @National Instruments
Register at www.givetoaustin.org/conference

Let's play! Learn from corporate citizenship experts, share best practices and engage in meaningful dialogue with Austin's best companies around topics of corporate citizenship and community engagement.

7:00 - 8:30am Breakfast served

8:00- 9:45am Welcome and Keynote address

9:45- 10:00am Break

10:00-11:15am Breakout session #1

1A: Strategic Industry Partnerships in Education

Susan Dawson (E3 Alliance), Shirley Heitzman (AISD,) Michele Walker-Moak (Applied Materials),Ray Almgren (National Instruments)

1B: Making Good on Doing Good: CSR Communications

Paula Ivey (The CSR Group), David Modigliano (Flow Nonfiction)

1C: Krista Bauer (General Electic)

11:15-12:45pm Lunch panel

Employee Volunteers & Social Media: Best Practices in Storytelling

Chris Jarvis (Realized Worth)

12:45 -1:00pm Break

1:00-2:15pm Breakout Session #2

2A: Making the Business Case for Community Involvement: CEO Perspectives

Jon Armstrong (Adlucent), Bill Bock (Silicon Laboratories), Mark McClain (SailPoint Technologies), Eugene Sepulveda (Entrepreneurs Foundation)

2B: Survey the Playground

Beth Atherton (Caritas), Sue Carpenter (United Way Capital Area), Frank Fernandez (Green Doors),Susan McDowell (LIfeWorks), Meg Poag (Literacy Coalition), Patsy Woods Martin (I Live Here I Give Here)

2C: A Game-Changing Experience: How Nurtition Education Can Drop Your Company's Healthcare Costs

Rip Esselstyn (Engine 2)

2:15- 2:30 Snack Break

2:30-3:35pm Breakout Session #3

3A: Fireside Chat with Seventh Generation: CSR Frameworks that Outlast Transitions

Chris Miller (7thGeneration), Diane Solinger (Entrepreneurs Foundation)

3B: Greening Up Buildings & Behaviors: Real World Ideas to Profit Responsibly

Justin Murrill (AMD), Mark Vickers (Dell), Kurt Wilkin (Business Earth)

3C: Connecting to the Non-Profit Community: Embracing Social Entrepreneurship

Linsey Bullock (LiveStrong), Kevin Brodwick (thinksport),

Neil Goldman (Hotels for Hope), Allison Wright (LiveStrong)

3:45-4:15pm Closing

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