Thursday, October 07, 2010

Last Call for Understanding the Consumer and Retailing

Hey Bootstrappers,
Sorry if I have bombarded you, but I am just learning this email campaign business ... the hard way. And the seminar business ...
One thing's for sure about bootstrapping, you don't have time or energy to lose sleep worrying over stuff! Just do it ... did someone already think up that line?
If you want to come to my seminar on Saturday (October 9), you will learn a LOT, I promise. Really about business and industry in general. I view retailing as the most fundamental form of commerce, the root of it all.
And if you go to the event brite link, you can enter the discount code BOOTSTRAP to get the low, low, low price of $199. You can also show up on Saturday, but I can't guarantee we will have a set of the printed materials ready for you.
Here's a little home video to tweak your interest
Hope to see you there,
Gary Hoover
( is the fastest way to reach me)

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