Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BootstrapU ver 3.0

Community + Learning --> Right Action

We could say this is Bootstrap Austin's "equation." The left side is what we do and (when done right), it facilitates right actions by bootstrap entrepreneurs.

The Learning component started out in October 2003 with an incredible talk by Neal Kocurek, followed by numerous other speakers, a book club and countless conversations on the nature of bootstrapping. The result was the Bootstrap Map, through which any bootstrap journey could be parsed and understood. Version 2.0 was the Bootstrap Bootcamp, first a 1-day in-person seminar in 2006, and then a video series in 2007.

At last night's Bootstrap meeting we announced the launch of version 3.0: @BootstrapU, a social learning platform for bootstrappers, created in collaboration with Simversity. We signed up our first 20 participants for this free DEMO version and will launch the entire series in 2011.

This enables a slight, but appropriate amendment to our "Right Action, Right Time" mantra:

BootstrapU: Right Model, Right Time!

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