Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Entrepreneur's Inner Journey

If you look back on your life, you may discover that you are a very different person today than the person you were when you first decided to become an entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur requires the ability to ride the high and low tides of emotion. You have likely navigated the waters of elation and joy, and uncertainty and fear. You have had to process the emotions that arise from hiring or firing employees and partners. You have probably had to find the inner strength to persevere when others didn’t believe in your vision. You may have come face to face with your internal dialogue about failure and success.

Each day brings opportunities to engage in the personal growth that is essential to the process of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Here are a few tips that can help you be resilient and victorious on the journey.

First and foremost, it is important to realize the journey of being an entrepreneur is a process of self-discovery. Awareness is the essence of being human. With this insight you will be able to remind yourself to look at growth and challenges as opportunities. You will have a choice in every situation and life becomes a journey.

Secondly, create a practice of checking in with yourself to determine what limiting beliefs keep you from achieving your goals. For instance, is there some unconscious belief about money or doing things a particular way that is getting in the way of getting funding or taking your business to the next level? So often we find external reasons why we cannot overcome obstacles, like a customer’s lack of money to spend on a product. This may be the case, but sometimes if you look within you see a different story. It might have been your set of beliefs and values communicated through words or body language influenced the customer’s decision not to buy. Self-knowledge can help you gain perspective of the system in which you and your business live. This powerful edge can help you become a cause rather than an effect.

Next, make a list of all the minimized programs in your life. We all have “To do” lists that are a mile long. Just like your computer, when there are several windows open, even if you minimize one of the windows, isn’t it still lurking at the bottom of your screen? We do this with many things in our life and at a certain point they begin to drain your energy and confidence level. Is there some underlying program that is sapping your energy? Review your “To do” list and see what you can quickly cut out or out source.

Do something for your body – whether it is a workout at the gym, a yoga class, or a walk in the park, take a few minutes every day to revitalize the body and get the creative juices flowing.

A meditative practice to quiet the mind or to practice observing yourself is very useful. Meditation allows the brain time to process things that you are working on. You may find what was elusive before meditation comes bubbling up from the unconscious once you allow yourself a little space. Insight into your self, into your partners, customers, or other relationships gained through meditation can help you be more relaxed and focused as you take your entrepreneurial game to the next level.

At the next Bootstrap Meeting on May 10 at 6:30pm, we will provide you with an opportunity to explore your Inner Journey through a deep guided meditation. Please RSVP to attend.

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