Monday, April 05, 2010

Bootstrap April Mtg: Meet Ron Berry, founder - Fusebox Festival

Now in its 6th year, Fusebox Festival (Apr 21 - May 2) has been bootstrapped by Ron Berry. Come hear how the festival evolved out of his Theater Company, Refraction Arts and is now in version 3.xx.

The Experience Subgroup has explored the Bootstrap Experience model, which details how an experience is created, and the transformation that results. This meeting will explore the experience of the Fusebox Fesitval, and the transformation that can result through witnessing it.

We will meet at the Off Center, home of the Rude Mechanicals, an innovative company in the Austin Theater Scene. Here's a map of the Theater Scene by Robert Matney.

Follow @fuseboxfestival on twitter, check out this year's artists on the Fusebox Site.

...and get involved!

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