Thursday, January 21, 2010

Volunteer Entrepreneur Opportunity

Bootstrappers, Citizen Schools and the Holthouse Foundation are hosting Lemonade Day Apprenticeship this spring. Lemonade Day is a great project designed to teach kids to become entrepreneurs by running their own lemonade stand. And it has the potential to make a huge community impact: In Houston in 2009, over 27,000 youth registered for Lemonade Day, sold over 2 million cups of lemonade and donated close to $500,000 to their favorite charities!

The host organizations are still looking for experienced entrepreneurs to work with the students on the Lemonade Day project. This would entail making a 10-week commitment to working with a group of 15 students to pass on your entrepreneurial experiences and insights and guiding them to be confident and ready to sell some lemonade the first Sunday in May. If you are interested in signing up to volunteer for this worthwhile program, please contact Leanne at


Jc Otero said...

very cool. Interesting how I have not heard from this through Citizen Schools. That may explain why I didn't get invited back to teach social entrepreneurship in the Spring. If you need any volunteers for this, I would love to help out. You know how to reach me.


Jc Otero said...

I looked into it and have some more details for those wanting to get involved.

I am signing up to volunteer. They need volunteers once a week on Tuesdays from 4:30pm to 6:00pm to focus working with the kids on one of three areas; finance, marketing or manufacturing. The weeks are from March 23 to April 20.

After the 4 weeks to operate their lemonade stand business in conjunction with a city wide Lemonade Day where many schools are participating.

I have taught in this program the last two falls and its a great experience. You have great support in the classroom and in this case, the curriculum is already developed and you just bring your expertise. If you want to be part of something well worth the time and have a positive impact on someone's life, this is your chance.

Contact Leeanne and she will get in touch with you at lightning speed.