Monday, November 16, 2009

Ideation, You or QUEST(ion)??!!

Hi everyone,

We used to think there were only 3 stages to the bootstrap process - Ideation, Valley of Death (VoD) and Growth. It turns out there are more! - two preceding Ideation (you and Quest(ion)) and one following Growth (Rebootstrap). You can see these illustrated on the Bootstrap Map (

You might think you're in Ideation, but you're actually in a different stage. The Bootstrap Austin Community only addresses Ideation/VoD/Growth (blue shaded region on the map) and you will need to seek other resources for the preceding stages. Additionally, you might actually be in Ideation (or later) but have not addressed the key issues associated with you & Quest(ion). The Bootstrap Map serves as a checklist to help you determine where you are so you can take your "right actions."

Looking forward to the discussion!


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Thank you, Bijoy, for being such a valuable resource for Austin's business community.

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