Monday, October 20, 2008


An oversimplified generality that is reality.

Much of marketing is about the message. And what is the message about? It is about making someone unhappy.

The message is that what they have now makes them unhappy and what you have to sell will make them happy.

A primitive view of one of the most elusive crafts in business but it is true. They won't pick up the phone or tap the keyboard to find out about you unless they are motivated - and being unhappy is one of the best motivators there is. Your message is not about making them happy, it is to remind that they are unhappy and that there is a way to eliminate that feeling.

Too short and too simple, it must be right.

Think about it.

Barry Thornton

Technology and Marketing Guy

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Unknown said...

unhappy it is a great thing i don't know how,why people are unhappy which things make them to become unhappy. this life is are short period make this period happy and beautiful.
teff john