Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Catch Up with Bootstrap Austin - May 2015

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Happy May aka El Niño Month!

We’re excited to announce the next major release of the JOurneY Experience, a space for you to work on the unique meaning of your life. This release incorporates our latest thinking and the useful feedback we received from the Jan, Feb and Mar JOurneYers. We found that the group sessions were very effective, however, the weekly schedule imposed a timeline that did not always accommodate people’s lives. We also found that having a buddy was useful for reinforcing learning by reflecting on the content and assignments together.

The JOurneY Experience 2.0 is self-paced and buddy-based. Start by signing up for the JOurneY Experience Siminar. If you have questions about the course, need a buddy, or would like to discuss your progress, visit us during JOurneY Check-ins on Mondays 6-8pm at Rio Rita, 1308 E 6th St. Steve and/or Bijoy will be available in the back patio or indoors if it’s raining! Check @bootstrapaustin for weather/holiday-related changes to office hours.

We want the JOurneY Experience to be available to anyone and everyone who is interested. The coupon code "JOYrideforfree" allows anyone to take the course for free. Or you can use other coupon codes available at the bottom of the main page to contribute at any level. You can also contribute at the end of your experience.

Steve Golab

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