Monday, March 09, 2015

Catch Up With Bootstrap 3.0 - Mar 2015

Happy March!

We have 3 updates for you this month.
  • Feb 9 Get-together Recap
  • Bootstrap at SXSW
  • JOurneY Experience Continues
Feb 9 Get-together Recap
During our Feb 9 get-together, we convened a conversation around: you + ATX = ?! Our mystery guest Ken Webster discussed his journey and the role Hyde Park Theatre and Frontera Fest play as stewards of Austin’s theater scene. Frontera Fest, started 20 years ago, was one of Austin’s original incubators for local performing artists. Many other important influential ideas have been and continue to be formed as a result of Frontera Fest. Bijoy participated years ago co-creating the play, “Guru or Disciple? YES!” He later expressed it as Mystic Cab, a short film, which is now part of the JOurneY Experience.
Bootstrap at SXSW
In-lieu of our monthly get-together, Bootstrap will be at SXSW. If you have a badge, please join us at the Hilton Austin for our talk on “JOurneY: A Method for Meaning Creation” on Sat Mar 14 from 3:30 - 4:30 pm. Bijoy and co-presenter Danny Gutknecht will present the Human Fugue Model.  The talk will explore the shift from authority to process which empowers everyone to steward unique meaning for themselves, their ventures, cities and beyond. Everyone will be invited to sign the Declaration of Meaning.
The JOurneY Experience Continues on Mar 23 at Vuka Austin
Last week we had 9 community members complete the second JOurneY Experience of 2015. We’re now getting ready for the next group to go on the ride. You are invited to contribute what you can. Use the appropriate coupon code to donate between $0 and the retail price. 

Course Overview
The JOurneY Experience is a space for you to steward your unique meaning and help others do the same. You will learn the JOurneY Model, apply it to your journey, and come to class to share and reflect with each other.  

The duration is three weeks. Each week has an online component and an in-person session. The online work starts on Mar 20, will take approximately 3-6 hours per week and is a prerequisite for the in-person session.
The course is cumulative in nature.
The in-person sessions occur from 6-9 pm on Monday Mar 23 & 30 and Apr 6 at Vuka Austin.

The JOurneY Experience is better with a buddy. We suggest you invite a friend to come along with you. If you don’t bring one, we will pair you up and you will make a new friend!  
I’ll be at the SXSW talk and welcome any questions you may have, so please come find me or contact me by phone or email.

Steve Golab
mobile 512.657.1086

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