Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Catch Up with Bootstrap 3.0 - Feb 2015

Happy February!

We announced Bootstrap Austin 3.0 at the Jan 12th get-together with the theme of stewarding meaning for individuals, organizations and cities. During our monthly get-togethers in 2015, we will convene a conversation around: you + ATX = ?! Each month we are also facilitating the 3-week JOurneY Experience for individuals who want to investigate the JOurneY Model of meaning stewardship.  Here’s more info on the Feb get-together and course:

Get-together on Feb 9
The Ginger Man @ 6:30 - RSVP on Facebook
This series should serve as an Austin user manual for new residents as well as for locals who are inspired to express their unique journey in the world. All are welcome.

you + ATXing happens when an Austinite combines their unique journey with Austin and creates something for all to enjoy. Our surprise guest will share their story.
  • 6:30-7pm: gather and connect. Ask each other: how do you plus ATX? Our surprise guest will be among us, so you just might discover who it is.
  • 7-7:30pm: we reveal our surprise guest and hear about how they stewarded their ATX experience.
  • 7:30 onward: connect some more.
The Ginger Man has let us reserve the back patio and a speaker system for this one, so there will be room for everyone and it will be easier to hear the interview.

Note: Bootstrap Austin meetings happen every 2nd Monday of each month. Mark your calendars!

The JOurneY Experience Continues on Feb 11
This week we had 12 community members complete the first JOurneY Experience of 2015.  We’re now getting ready for the next group to get on board. 

Course Overview
The JOurneY Experience is a space for you to steward your unique meaning and help others do the same. You will learn the JOurneY Model, apply it to your journey, and come to class to share and reflect with each other.  

The duration is three weeks. Each week has an online component and an in-person session. The online work starts on Feb 11 and will take approximately 3-6 hours per week.  You will get the most out of each week by completing the online work prior to the in-person session. The course is cumulative in nature.

The in-person sessions occur from 6-9pm on Feb 16, 23, and Mar 2.

You are invited to go on the experience with us for $250, and you have the option to bring a buddy for free. Once you sign-up, you will be emailed a code for your buddy to join the course.

We encourage you to share this article with anyone in Austin who you think would be interested.  We are accepting enrollments now, so please sign-up or ping me if you’re interested. Also, I’ll be camped out at the Feb 9 get-together and welcome any questions you may have, so please come find me.  We’re expecting JOurneYers from the January course at the get-together who you can speak with to learn more from, too.  

Bootstrap Adopts a Chimp
We’re excited to share the good news. If you opted-in at the last get together, we have loaded your contact information into the Mailchimp platform and you now have the ability to manage your own email preferences. We’ll continue to keep you updated as long as you stay with us. You can also friend Bootstrap Austin or follow @bootstrapaustin and subscribe to the newsletter. 

At your service,
Steve Golab

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