Friday, March 06, 2009

Bootstrapping RISE

The Bootstrap Series at Rise Austin included 4 core talks:
  1. Bootstrap: Third Way of Entrepreneurship
  2. Founding Teams: Mavens, Relaters, Evangelists
  3. Bootstrapping a Community
  4. Bootstrapping an Experience
Talk #1, by Bijoy, laid the foundations of bootstrapping and how the bootstrap path is differentiated from the cookie-cutter and funding-driven paths of entrepreneurship. All 3 paths have their advantages and challenges. The prospective entrepreneur must know themselves and choose the path that fits. Slides.

Talk #2, co-presented by Nancy Schill and Bijoy, described the first aspect of the bootstrap journey: the founder(s). The MRE Model provides a simple framework to understand that bootstrapping is not a solo journey and the bootstrapper seeks out a complementary partner who brings the skills and capabilities they do not have.

Talk #3, (co-presented by Jon Lebkowsky and Bijoy), and #4 (co-presented by Heather McKissick and Bijoy) explored how communities and experiences can be bootstrapped (in addition to products and services). Communities and experiences are at the forefront of many new ventures and provide unique opportunities (and require unique approaches) for the bootstrap entrepreneur.

The slides for these talks are available here.

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