Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Even in a down economy, Bootstrappers move forward

Everyone knows that the economy is down...yet, true to their form, bootstrappers are moving forward in ventures of all types. When times are hard, bootstrappers look for new methods and ways to adapt their ventures to current realities.

We often say "collaboration is the life blood of bootstrapping". Today our network is announcing another cross-entrepreneur collaboration- with the birth of Tech Ranch Austin, a technology venture accelerator focused on bootstrap, pre-seed, and seed-stage technology ventures that can change the world. Coming straight out our work at Bootstrap Austin, Tech Ranch Austin was founded by Austin entrepreneurs Kevin Koym and Jonas Lamis. The Tech Ranch team has expertise that spans software, hardware, alternative energy and emerging technologies. Tech Ranch currently supports start-ups like Piryx, IPX, and Onespot, and has worked with twelve companies to date. With today's announcements, Tech Ranch Austin will be kickin' it up a notch, standing hand in hand with Bootstrap Austin as two of the most vibrant opportunity creation engines in Austin's startup ecosystem. Although times are tough, it is through these open collaborations that Austin's entrepreneurs will win and move forward.

Kevin Koym is the chief architect and firestarter at Bootstrap Austin.

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