Monday, June 09, 2008

Total Leadership

Today marks the official release of Total Leadership, a book by Stew Friedman (center). Bootstrap had the great pleasure of hosting an event with Leadership Austin where Stew led the audience through his innovative model, which helps individuals integrate the four dimensions of life. Brett Hurt, founder of BazaarVoice, brought Stew to Austin to introduce TL to his company and the larger Austin community.

Heather McKissick (right) the new Executive Director of Leadership Austin, kicked off the session describing her organization's unique charter in the Austin community: to ignite passion and provide support for those who wish to serve their community. I introduced Bootstrap's unique mission to support entrepreneurs through the Bootstrap Model of entrepreneurship.

Phyllis Blees, who leads the Bootstrap Book Club (and FLOW - see John Mackey's upcoming talk) organized the event. Bootstrap Contributor Kyle Johnson, founder of Bumperactive, designed a unique bookmark featuring the Bootstrap and LA logos. Kyle also designed the Bootstrap Bumper Stickers and my t-shirt features the innovative Valley of Death bumper sticker.

Stew riveted the audience with this unique challenge: what if you could not just balance life's seemingly competing aspects of community, work, home and self, but arrange them so they reinforce and amplify each other? Not only an intriguing proposition, but wholly achievable with the right mindset and approach! I am personally very excited as Total Leadership beautifully reinforces youplusU, the third model I evangelize. Stew is one of the few leaders in the business community (Jim Collins, Roger Martin and John Mackey being others) who voices the notion that seeming dualities are to be integrated, not compromised. I was therefore also very glad to add Stew's book to my uplusyou reading list.

Please visit the Total Leadership website to learn more about this innovative and compelling model!

The BootRap Podcast will soon feature Stew's talk.

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