Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bootstrap Film Fest: Projecting Beyond the 'Bootstrapping' Buzz

The first annual Bootstrap Film Fest is an innovate take on the Film Festival. The featured bootstrap films, Q&A with bootstrap filmmakers Nils Juul-Hansen, Brandy Rainey Amstel, and Jason Howell, and bootstrap workshop that includes Bootstrap founder, author, and speaker, Bijoy Goswami, will give the audience a deep understanding of bootstrapping techniques that they can use on their film projects, start-ups, and existing companies.

"Bootstrapping" has become a buzz word that is thrown around loosely to sound cool. But, what does it mean? Some use 'bootstrapping' to describe self funding or micro-budgeting. At best, that is the least interesting way to define 'bootstrapping'. Bootstrapping is so much more. It is not about sizing our project by the size of your wallet. It is about using constraints to create something entirely new and unique to you.

Bootstrap Film Fest will wake entrepreneurs up to a whole new world of possibilities. Tickets, trailers and more available at BSide, a Bootstrap member company.

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