Friday, April 11, 2008

Business Owners can Avoid Much Online Pain

Last month's Bootstrap Web presentation entitled "Conversion: The Most Important Word for Online Businesses" is available (with slides) on the Boot Rap Podcast. You can find it at the newly redesigned

I prepared this presentation so that business owners will look differently at their Web site. There are a few unfortunate thoughts lurk in the depths of our minds when we imagine a Web site to support our business. Here are some of them:

"Building a Web site is more like printing a brochure than developing a software application."

"My Web site is independent of the advertising I'm doing."

"Web developers know how to build Web sites that will help me land more business."

"The look and feel is the most important aspect of my Web site."

"People want to know about my company."

"People want to drill down until they find the information they are looking for."

"Everyone who comes to my site is relaxed and has lots of time to spend."

My presentation offers six ways of looking at your Web site that will make you better at commissioning your Web site's construction.

I hope it will save you the months of lost sales and thousands of mis-spent dollars.

Best regards,

Brian Massey

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Sarabeth Peterson said...

I wish I could have made this talk! I am sure it was great. To anyone going through the slides - make sure you go 'Full Screen' because they are small.

Brian - do you find that small businesses really 'get' this concept? Do you use case studies to show the ROI to get them to make changes?

Love the upside down pyramid - great visual!