Friday, March 07, 2008

Bootstrapping, Art and SXSW

I am excited and honored to sit on the Bootstrap 101 panel during SWSX. The Interactive portion of this event is proof that life reflects art and art reflects life, and business, deservedly is an art. This is probably why so many terms used by artists and entrepreneurs are so interchangeable. Art in its highest form is an inspiration of the spirit of mankind. When great artists deliver great art it transforms us, allowing us to view other possibilities, provoking thought and furthering the evolution of mankind.

Each work of art embodies the VISION of its creator(s), following the intent and values from their own unique experience of life. This is why the success of companies that have had a massive effect on the world such as Google and Apple can only be explained in reverse.

One of the unique properties that business provides to art is the ability of its practical participation. Where other art such as music, writing, and painting engage thought faculties that are much more boundless, the restrictions of material application force the entrepreneur artist many more restrictions. Works of art in the business community must have a buy-off from the collective and it must invoke action in the world. The entrepreneur artist must continue to have an ongoing magnetic presence where the collective world can interact.

It is inspirational that SXSW has recognized business in this category, and fittingly so.

Danny Gutknecht is the artist/Evangelist/cofounder of InHouse Assist.

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