Monday, January 07, 2008

The Art of the Startlet, i.e. Bootstrapping

I thought this was an interesting use of 10 minutes. It's a video featuring Guy Kawasaki called The Art of the Startlet. Kawasaki started his new venture Truemors for about $12,000. Some of his most interesting points include:

Don't spend money on Marketing. That's easy for him to say given his celebrity.

Spend money on the lawyers to setup the company (he spent $5000).

He 'offshored' development to North Dakota for $4500. Apparently anything outside of the valley

He spent $1000 on domains.

The best quote: "more people can try more $25,000-things than they can $2 million things."

Debuting FoundWatch: “The Art of the Startlet” with Guy Kawasaki « FoundRead

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