Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ideation - DEMO

The awakened bootstrapper is now in the Ideation stage. The singular goal of this stage is to create a Demo of the product or service to be offered - not a business plan, funding or patents as is often recommended. The key task at hand is to create a first version using available resources.

A common false myth is that of singular entrepreneurs. Rather that go it alone, bootstrap founders find complementary opposites and this is a key task of Ideation. In Apple, a Maven, Steve Wozniak, paired with an Evangelist, Steve Jobs. The dynamic tension accentuates each founder's strength and diminishes their weaknesses. Rather than perpetually tinkering, the Maven's talents are focused by the Evangelist's need to show something to a customer. Without Mavens, Evangelists would have nothing to evangelize.

Here's a 5 min Youtube video from the Bootstrap Bootcamp explaining all the bootstrap stages.

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