Friday, April 06, 2007

Sustainability Group - March 29, 2007 Meeting Notes

Sustainability Subgroup Meeting Notes (3-29-07)


Approximately 10 people met at Austin Java (Barton Springs).


We discussed each person’s basic interests and why they were attending the group. A few attendees have companies that work at least partially in sustainable businesses or services (e.g. cabinetry, financing, low-impact housing, and energy efficient practices).

The purpose of the group was discussed. People wanted the group to serve three general functions:

  • Soundboard and a community for discussion of ideas related to sustainability
  • Resource for businesses within the group to test ideas and gain experience in their field
    • E.g. Allowing an energy efficiency business to volunteer within an event/business/building to gain knowledge, experience, and a portfolio to expand services
  • General networking

We watched “The Power of Community” ( – See next page for my attempted synopsis of the movie.


  • Begin discussion on the e-mail user group about business/project ideas that one or more members of the group can work on.
    • We hope to pick 1-3 ideas to discuss in more detail in the next meeting
  • Begin a way to measure and reward businesses and/or Austin community members for sustainable practices.
    • If people are enacting sustainable practices, we need to be able to measure what is more sustainable
      • Less energy (or non-renewable energy) usage
      • Less land usage
      • Renewable/recycled/recyclable raw materials
      • Etc.
    • Recognition in the community, based upon measurements, of sustainable practices
      • Perhaps gains business and spread of best practices
  • Pick a time for the next meeting
    • Should have a regular monthly meeting time?
    • Should we have a morning/breakfast meeting in addition to an evening meeting?

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