Monday, March 05, 2007

Marketing Swarm | Social Networks

Per Brian Massey on the Bootstrap list...

Don't forget to come to the next Bootstrap marketing swarm on
Wednesday, March 7. We'll be reviewing social networks: how to build
them and how to market them. Social Networks will be the guerilla way
to market many businesses in the coming 5 years.

We have been able to secure a location for our Social Network Swarm.
You'll find a map here:
http://tinyurl. com/2he69o

No food, so grab something before you come.

Call Brian Massey for questions:

Should be a good lead-in to all of the Bootstrap evens coming up for SXSW Interactive.


Brian Massey said...

We Start at 6:30pm!

jc otero said...

Is there any files from this social networking discussion?