Sunday, January 14, 2007

New year, new direction

For 2007 we are hoping to breathe some new life into the Bootstrap Austin Blog and will be covering much more of what's going on in Austin, profiling businesses that are involved in Bootstrap Austin and taking your input for any other ideas.

Hopefully we can turn this into a resource for entrepreneurs in any stage of building your business. Thanks, and I look forward to what's in store for this year.

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Unknown said...

I agree. I will do my part by joining this network and start to become a familiar face in the Austin Boot Strap group. My name is Daniel Benner and for years I have struggled in various stages of ideation around a single venture. But this year is a new start and I have found new confidence because of taking on a serious career change in the last two years. I went from a job in education to a job in the cut throat world of fortune one thousand enterprise software sales. To understate it a bit I have had my conception of my abilities turned inside out, mixed up, and rebuilt to the highest standards. It's a long story and hopefully I'll get to share it with the group. But the New Year, yes, this is the year that I get the seed money and get this venture rolling. I can't really do anything else because my enthusiam for it won't die, and believe me over the years it has taken many death blows. I guess that I feel I must do it because if I don't I can't settle down and work for somebody else in a fully engaged way. Well, here's to 2007! I look forward to meeting the group and making things happen.